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Mad magazine doles out rejection with a wink and a smile, as evidenced by this letter sent out to every failed submitter during the time when Al Feldstein sat at the helm of the humor mag. If only all of life’s rejections came in such an amusing, giggle-inducing format. Sigh.


Fighting evil and protecting a top-secret identity can stress a person out, so it should come as no surprise that superheros harbor some pretty serious mental problems.

A trio of L.A.-based psychiatrists analyzed the mental issues of Spidey, the Caped Crusader, and other masked do-gooders to give fans an inside glimpse into their favorite heroes’ complicated thoughts and emotions.The mental health experts believe that examining heroes from a psychiatric viewpoint can add another, deeper dimension to the stories and help dispel stigmas about mental disorders and treatment.

Full story at AOL News.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration might not love the idea of aphrodisiacs, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of people from trying to use certain foods to spice up their love lives. Take this quiz to see if you know which foods are purported to intensify sexual desire and set the stage for a wild night or some afternoon delight.

What do you think?

  • Arugula, or Eruca sativa, is known in some parts as “rocket” for a reason. Fact or Fiction?
  • Carrots have a reputation for more than just the gift of good eyesight. Apparently ingesting them can also make a prospective mate pretty easy on the eyes. Fact or Fiction?
  • Olive Oyl was on to something . It turns out olives are another food believed to help set the stage for seduction. Fact or Fiction?

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Top-paid CEOs of the decade

Ready to slam your noggin against the side of your cubicle? Put on a helmet and read on. TheWall Street Journal has revealed the top-paid public company executives of the past decade. With compensation higher than the GDP of many small countries, these deep-pocketed head honchos make enough money to have a pool filled with cash a la Scrooge McDuck.

Check out the top five earners of the decade:

  1. Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO of Oracle Corp., $1.84 billion
  2. Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp, $1.14 billion
  3. Ray Irani, CEO Occidental Petroleum Corp., $857 million
  4. Steve Jobs, Co-founder and CEO Apple Inc., $749 million
  5. Richard Fairbank, CEO Capital One Financial Corp., $569 million.

Full story at WSJ.

This is pretty brilliant.

Hat tip to @AgentSix for pointing this out.

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Indian Rupee Symbol

Ah, about time Indian Rupee got its own symbol like Dollar $, Euro €, Yen ¥ and Pound £.

The symbol has been designed by an IIT Post Graduate, Udaya Kumar, which was selected by the Cabinet. The whole  story has been neatly covered by The Indian Express, click here to read the full story.’

Moreover, there’s been some criticism as well over the design of the symbol. According to the one that I stumbled upon, the symbol has been derived from the Pound, £.

Read the complete post here.

Beyond the first few months of giddy affection, few romantic relationships are easy. Some look that way, but usually that’s because two people are putting in a lot of work behind the scenes. Long-distance relationships are even harder.

Of course, with the right mindset, plenty of emotional preparation and lots of work throughout, long-distance relationships can and do work out. But many potential pitfalls await every hopeful attempt at cross-country love. What are reasons long-distance relationships just don’t work? Here’s a clue: Romances rarely come to a boil when conducted by fax.

  • Communication Breakdown: Modern electronic communication is great, but often don’t pay off with a truly fulfilling interaction. Normal, daily interactions require real effort to keep in touch and feel connected.
  • The Cost of Keeping in Touch: For people in romantic relationships who live in different regions of the country, a few yearly visits to maintain the relationship could cost big bucks.
  • Different Expectations: “Long-distance relationship” can mean different things to different people. It may mean “heart-wrenching tragedy” to one person, while for the other partner it means “year-long vacation.”

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Mastering photography requires patience and practice. A huge collection of handy tutorials doesn’t hurt either. Smashing Magazine rounded up fifty of the most useful web articles that cover everything from high-speed photography to motion blur to RAW processing.

A snapshot of what you can learn:

Black and White Photography Guide

Black and white photography starts before the shot is even taken. In this article you’ll find some quick tips on what to look for to ensure the perfect black and white landscape – e.g. camera settings for black and white photography and what filters are good for black and white landscapes.

Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera

Thanks to digital photography, we can take infrared pictures whenever we please, mix them with “normal” ones and see the results on the spot, tweaking the settings to our heart’s desire.

The Nocturnes

The Nocturnes is an organization dedicated to night photography. Founded by Tim Baskerville in San Francisco in 1991, it has grown to become the premier source of information and education on night photography, as well as an international community for night photographers.

RAW vs. JPEG: The Real Story

You can take the RAW image file and make all of your choices about size, color, contrast, etc., and then output it to a new original each time (which might be a JPEG). This is greatly aided by the fact that there’s 12-bit color. The software can make easier choices and less compromises.

Full list at Smashing Magazine.

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