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Wicked, wicked video!

How to Sleep at Your Job. Are you tired of being caught sleeping at work? Learn how to trick your boss and employees into thinking you are working when actually you are sleeping.


We know pretty much anything can go viral these days. So today I came across this really wicked videos. Ok, how about you watch it yourself.

Start with this video:

Now watch this:

I found this gem on my timeline, shared by Twitter Hero – @RameshSrivats. The poster was of course followed by a kick ass comment by Ramesh, read on:

Ramesh Srivats: Dear Shiv Sena, If na is the opposite of yes, what is the opposite of Shiv Say-yes? #OKSorry #ButTheyStartedIt

Couldn’t resist myself from sharing this on the blog. Gyaan of the Day

Frank Zappa on Life

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