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I found this gem on my timeline, shared by Twitter Hero – @RameshSrivats. The poster was of course followed by a kick ass comment by Ramesh, read on:

Ramesh Srivats: Dear Shiv Sena, If na is the opposite of yes, what is the opposite of Shiv Say-yes? #OKSorry #ButTheyStartedIt


Indian Rupee Symbol

Ah, about time Indian Rupee got its own symbol like Dollar $, Euro €, Yen ¥ and Pound £.

The symbol has been designed by an IIT Post Graduate, Udaya Kumar, which was selected by the Cabinet. The whole  story has been neatly covered by The Indian Express, click here to read the full story.’

Moreover, there’s been some criticism as well over the design of the symbol. According to the one that I stumbled upon, the symbol has been derived from the Pound, £.

Read the complete post here.

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